Sunday School starts at 10am

Preacher has told the story many times of his first Sunday at Second Baptist Church in Riverdale, as he dropped his children, Bridgette and David, off for Sunday school. At that time there were three classes.  The adults met in the sanctuary, and the children were separated into classes based on age, which they referred to as "big ones" and "little ones".  As the Lord blessed and the church grew, the need for more Sunday School classes also grew.

Since that time the Lord has sent us many men and women who have a heart to teach the Bible to others and see them grow spiritually.

Below is a picture of the men and women who serve as teachers currently.  

(Please note that not all classes have age limits, please see a greeter for directions to the class you'll be attending.)

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Bro. Harley McDonald
Heritage Class
Ages 55 and Up


Bro. Kris Dawkins

Cornerstone Class

Ages 40-55


Sis. Bridgette Hopkins

Teen Girls

Ages 13-18


Sis. Melissa Crosby

Girls Ages 9-12

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Bro. Mike Green
Young Couples Class

Married to Age 40


Sis. Melissa Hopkins

Lovely Ladies Class


Bro. Michael Calhoun

Teen Boys

Ages 13-15


Bro. Patrick Kunder

Boys Ages 9-10


Bro. Benny Monkus

Cornerstone Class
Ages 40-55


Bro. John Palmer

Coed Class

Age 18 until Married


Bro. Paul Conner

Teen Boys

Ages 16-18

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Bro. Gary Stair

Boys Ages 11-12

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Sis. Pam Hummel

Girls Ages 6-8

Bro. Barry Marbut

Boys Ages 6-8

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Sis. Haley Davis

Ages 4-5


Sis. Amanda Dawkins and Sis. Pam Tullis

Babies and Toddlers