Leadership at Heritage Baptist Church

Pastor and Mrs. Melissa Hopkins



Pastor Hopkins (Preacher) and Mrs. Melissa were married on May 14, 1988. They have three wonderful children, Bridgette, David. and Jonathan, and daughter-in-law, Brittany. Preacher Hopkins was saved through the bus ministry and has been preaching God's Word since he was fifteen years old. He has been the pastor of Heritage Baptist Church since January of 1999. He is a strong Bible preacher who believes in the old time way as it is set forth in the Scriptures (Jeremiah 6:16). He is a personal soul-winner who is constantly telling people about Christ. When he preaches, you will be able to tell that he loves the Lord, loves you, and believes what he is preaching!


Mrs. Melissa is an amazing wife and mother. She has faithfully served by her husband's side his entire ministry. The ladies of the church love her teaching in the Lovely Ladies Sunday school class. She teaches math at HBCS, leads our Sounds of Joy Choir, and works in the Children's Church, Master Clubs, and Bus Ministries.




John & Nealey Palmer


Bro. John currently serves as one of the Assistant Pastors.  He is one of our Deacons, teaches the College and Career Sunday School class, and leads the Youth Choir.  He also serves in Master Clubs and is one of our bus captains.  


Mrs. Nealey served faithfully as our church secretary for many years.  She now is the pianist for the Sunbeam Children's Choir, serves in the Nursery, in Master Clubs, and with her husband on the bus route.


Kris & Amanda Dawkins


Bro. Kris currently serves as one of the Assistant Pastors.  He is one of our Deacons, teaches in our Christian school and one of our Adult Sunday school classes, is the Master Clubs director, preaches in Mega Church, directs our Neighborhood Bible Time (VBS) in the summer, is the driver for one of the bus routes, and coordinates our soul-winning outreach. Bro. Kris also preaches every week at a local nursing home.


Mrs. Amanda teaches our Wee-Walker Sunday school class, serves as our Nursery mother, is the Master Clubs office director, and assists her husband with the Bus Ministry, Neighborhood Bible Time, visitation, and Mega Church.


Michael & Tiffany Calhoun


Bro. Michael and his family came to Heritage in the fall of 1999. In 2014 Bro. Michael felt the Lord calling him to Pastor in Williston, ND., where the Lord used him and his family for three and half years.  


Bro. Michael currently serves as one of the Assistant Pastors.  He teaches the teen boys' Sunday school class (ages 13-15), serves in the Master Clubs and SWAT ministries, and sings in our adult choir.  


Mrs. Tiffany teaches 5th grade at HBCS.  She sings in our adult choir and serves in several of our teen ministries.  

Brittany Hopkins

Mrs. Brittany serves as our church secretary.  She serves in Master Clubs and the Nursery. She and her husband, David, are also a part of the Children's Church and Bus ministries, and sing in our adult choir.


Bridgette Hopkins

Miss Bridgette serves as our Christian school secretary.  She is also the church pianist, teaches the teen girls' Ladies in Training Sunday School class, and serves in our Teen Master Clubs, Mega Church, and Bus ministries.