Second Baptist Riverdale, GA

1952 – Second Baptist Church of Riverdale was established. Through the years the Lord sent many good pastors to lead this church.


1999 – Pastor Hopkins became pastor. 50 voting members. 30 members present the Sunday before He came. The church had 3.8 acres.



The Big Move

2003 – Found 18 acres on Peeksville Road in Locust Grove for sale, secured a loan and closed on the property on Nov 6. During that summer we had two Super Sunday Night Services in Locust Grove for the first time to introduce ourselves to the community.


2004 – Charter Member Service, March 14, 144 charter members. We are holding all of our church services in Locust Grove! We secured a place to meet temporarily in the Metro Auction Barn until the new facilities were finished.

Walking on the Water

2002 – After a missions trip to Juarez, Mexico with Missionary John Ridings, Pastor Hopkins preaches on “Walking On The Water” on Wednesday, June 19th, and afterwards tells the congregation God has dealt with his heart about moving the church farther south, selling the current facility, and building a new church. “We can settle as a church to just survive, or we can follow God and thrive for His glory!” Two weeks later the church voted overwhelmingly to step out on faith and follow God.



The New Building

2005 – Our first Sunday in our new building was May 29.  We also started Heritage Baptist Christian School for grades K2-2nd.  As of August 2020, we now offer all grade levels K4-12th.  


2008 – As of January 1, we have 472 church members and God is still in the saving business.


2020- Though this year has been one of unprecedented times, God has still been good, and He is still on the throne and in control of everything!  He healed and delivered our pastor from sickness, and has continued to strengthen him, physically and spiritually.  Souls were saved, and great families joined the church.  Our Christian school's student body has grown, even during the pandemic, and many children along with their parents have come to know Christ.  The Lord has kept every promise He has made to us, and we want to continue to thank Him by stepping out on faith. Our hearts are encouraged as we look forward to the future by looking unto Jesus!